Upgrade To The Jeep Renegade Longitude

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The Jeep Renegade Longitude is powered by a 1.4-litre MultiAir turbo petrol engine that uses a start/stop routine to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency, whether in the city or on the open road. At just 5.9 litres per 100 km combined fuel consumption and with a 48-litre fuel tank, you’ll be able to drive about 800 km between petrol stops. The Longitude version also includes upgraded features for comfort and safety like the automatic headlamps, front fog lamps, and six-speaker audio system.

•    Blind Spot Monitoring – The Jeep Renegade Longitude comes standard with blind spot monitoring, which uses sensors embedded in the bumper and rear quarter panels to detect when another vehicle moves into your blind spot. You’ll get a visual alert when a vehicle is detected. If you indicate a lane change or turn toward that vehicle, you’ll get an additional, audible warning so you can avoid a collision.

•    Parking Sensors & Camera – When you shift your Jeep Renegade Longitude into Reverse, the rear-bumper sensors are activated, as is the rear parking camera, which shows the real-time view from behind your vehicle on the Uconnect multimedia system display. You’ll get an audible tone warning you of potential obstacles and your approximate relative distance, and a continually updated view so if something moves into your path as you back up, you’ll know immediately.

•    Dual-Zone Climate Control – The Jeep Renegade Longitude features air conditioning and dual-zone climate control to keep you and your passengers comfortable in all kinds of weather, no matter how long the journey. You and your front-seat passenger each select your ideal temperature, and the climate control system will make any needed adjustments to maintain that temperature on each side of the vehicle as you drive.

The Jeep Renegade Longitude Offers An Upgraded Drive Experience

For drivers who want their creature comforts and safety features along with easy front-wheel drive handling and enthusiastic performance that doesn’t suck down petrol at an alarming rate, the Jeep Renegade Longitude is the perfect combination. Take a test drive at your local Jeep dealership and ask for a demonstration of the upgraded feature set of the Jeep Renegade Longitude.