The Jeep Wrangler Sport Offers An Entirely Different Take On The Convertible

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Winter may seem a strange time to think of driving a convertible, but let’s face it: snow is not everyone’s idea of winter fun. If you’d rather be roaming the desert or touring Western Australia to see the wildflowers, it’s the perfect time! The Jeep Wrangler Sport offers a very different, and far more adventurous, spin on the convertible concept.

•    Convenient & Compact Top – The Jeep Wrangler Sport comes with a Sunrider fabric soft top, which provides durable shelter from the elements when you need it and the pure pleasure of going topless when you want it. The top folds off quickly and tucks inside the tailgate, where it’s ready at hand in case you meet an unexpected shower. While it’s stored, the top won’t hog your cargo space, as it folds into a compact bundle. Putting the top back on is fast and easy as well.

•    Removable Doors –
When you’re off the road and want even more open-air enjoyment, the metal doors are easily removable and can be popped back into place in just a couple of minutes. When you’re in town, you’ve got the safety, security, and quiet ride of solid doors.

•    Wash-Out Interior – One feature the Jeep Wrangler Sport offers that you won’t find in any convertible roadster or saloon car is a wash-out interior. Simply remove the carpets, pop the drain plugs in the floor pan, and hose out the interior. The rugged fabric seats come clean easily and dry beautifully. Hose down the carpets and replace them when they’re dry, and your Jeep Wrangler Sport is looking smart again. Go ahead and get it muddy or full of sand; clean-up is a snap!

The Jeep Wrangler Sport Is The Adventurer’s Convertible

For year-round convertible driving joy, it’s hard to beat the dependable and sure-footed performance of the Jeep Wrangler Sport. Whether your idea of adventure is exploring the outback or cruising coastal tracks, you’ve got open-air driving options and plenty of comfort and convenience features to make the journey a pleasant one. Visit your local Jeep dealer for a test drive and demonstration.