The Jeep Renegade Longitude Offers Added Safety For Young Drivers

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The fuel-efficient Jeep Renegade Longitude offers contemporary styling and a fun driving experience for you while providing added protection for the young drivers in your family. A seven-airbag system protects everyone in the vehicle in case of an accident, but, of course, the best safety features are those that prevent accidents from happening in the first place. The Jeep Renegade Longitude comes standard with electronic stability control (ESC) and roll mitigation to make sure that the vehicle is responding correctly to steering input and maintaining a safe vertical altitude at all times. This helps prevent loss of control and roll-over accidents that inexperienced drivers are prone to.

•    Speed Limiting Device –
The Jeep Renegade Longitude is also equipped with a speed limiting device, so you can set a maximum vehicle speed before handing the keys to your newly licensed driver. Once the vehicle reaches that maximum speed, further accelerator pressure will simply not produce any result. When you’re ready to take the keys back and drive, just cancel the speed limiting device’s operation.  

•    Reverse Parking Camera –
When you shift your Jeep Renegade Longitude into reverse, the Uconnect multimedia display will show the live-time view from your rear bumper, so you can not only see potential stationary obstacles, but you’ll also know immediately if a pedestrian, animal, or other moving object crosses your path. Rear parking sensors will also give audible alerts as the vehicle approaches an obstacle, giving an approximation of the distance left between that obstacle and your bumper with increasing alert tone frequency.

•    Blind Spot Monitoring –
All drivers, no matter how long they’ve been driving, can benefit from an extra set of “eyes” on their blind spots. The blind spot monitoring system on the Jeep Renegade Longitude will give a visual alert when a vehicle moves into your blind spot, and if you indicate a turn or lane change toward a detected vehicle, you’ll also get an audible alert to prevent a collision.

Drive Safer With The Jeep Renegade Longitude

No matter who’s at the wheel, experienced driver or novice, the Jeep Renegade Longitude makes it easier to stay safe and avoid the most common types of vehicle accidents. Take a test drive and ask for a demonstration of the smart safety features that come standard on a Jeep Renegade Longitude.