Active Safety In The Jeep Renegade Limited

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The Jeep Renegade Limited offers fuel-efficient performance with reduced emissions and comfortable front-wheel drive handling, making a perfect commute vehicle. It's also loaded with comfort and convenience features to make driving fun, whether you're on your way to the beach or to the office. Everything from the upgraded multimedia system with GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Voice Command, and an eight-speaker BeatsAudio premium sound system featuring an additional dedicated subwoofer for big, bold bass to the comfortable heated seats are designed to make you smile. To keep you and your passengers safe, the Renegade Limited is equipped with accident-preventing active safety features.

•    Blind Spot Monitoring: The Blind Spot Monitoring system uses a system of sensors mounted in the rear bumper to detect when a vehicle moves into your blind spot. When there is a vehicle in the area you can't see, the system gives you a visual alert. If you miss or forget about that alert and indicate a lane change or turn toward the vehicle in your blind spot, you'll get an audible warning to let you know you need to stay in your present lane to prevent an accident.

•    Rear-View Camera & Sensors: The same rear-bumper sensors used by the Blind Spot Monitoring system are activated when you shift into reverse to give an audible tone if there is a potential obstacle behind you. The ParkView back-up camera is also activated when you're in Reverse and it uses the Uconnect display to give you a real-time look at the area behind your vehicle; if something crosses your path as you back up, you'll see it on the display.

•    All-Speed Traction Control: All-Speed Traction Control (TCS) on the Renegade Limited works by monitoring the traction of each wheel, and if it detects that one is slipping, TCS will route power away from the slipping wheel, lending a little extra power to the other 3 wheels if needed until all four wheels have full traction and the vehicle is completely under control again.

Enjoy Your Drive Knowing You're Safe

The Jeep Rengade Limited makes fuel-efficient, eco-friendly driving fun, and thanks to its active safety features, you can spend your time enjoying the drive. Visit your local Jeep Dealership to experience the Jeep Renegade Limited for yourself.