Top 5 National Parks In Victoria To Visit With Your Jeep

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Touring the diverse and beautiful National Parks in Victoria is a breathtaking experience. Touring them in your comfortable and well-appointed Jeep is even more enjoyable, and whether you choose to stick to the paved roads or set off on the trail, you'll appreciate your Jeep's dependable performance and sure-footed capability.

Top 5 National Parks in Victoria To Enjoy Touring In Your Jeep

•    Grampians National Park – The Grampians are majestic as they tower over the Western Plains, and they're criss-crossed with a network of 4WD trails, camping grounds, and desolate camping opportunities. Stop and hike to MacKenzie Falls or drive to Fish Falls for a refreshing dip, or to Reeds Lookout for an unrivalled view. There are a number of Aboriginal rock art sites throughout the park, so be on the lookout as you go.

•    Little Desert National Park – If desert is more your type of terrain, dial your Select-Terrain up to Sand mode and head for Little Desert to enjoy driving kilometres of 4WD trails in peace, or hike the rolling dunes. There are camping grounds on the trails, or you can pick a spot next to the Wimmera River and enjoy the peaceful murmur of the water as you sleep. Some of the trails are quite challenging, so be certain you are well-prepared for the trek you're planning.

•    Alpine National Park – Any time of year, the Austrian Alps are an astounding sight, and you can see more of them in your Jeep than you ever could in a regular car. Much of the park is dedicated for natural preservation and pedestrian use, but during the late spring into fall, there are 4WD tracks that lead through some thrilling and scenic terrain. Pay close attention to advisories, because the trails may be moved or closed seasonally to protect the environment.

•    Murray-Sunset National Park – Murray-Sunset National Park is an ideal park when you have more time to roam. It's an excellent choice for Jeep owners who favour water-fording, as there are typically opportunities for that type of fun and challenging drives on the trails at Murray-Sunset. The park is vast and most of it is quite isolated, so be prepared and enjoy the peace and solitude.

•    Croajinglong National Park – If coastal terrain, fishing, and plenty of beaches are your ideal of the perfect Jeep trip, Croajinglong National Park will be your happy place. If you're up for more technical challenge on the trail, you may opt to climb into the Victorian High County, where you'll find some of the most beautiful and technical 4WD tracks in Australia within the bounds of the park, as well.

Leave Nothing, Take Nothing

Enjoy your Jeep on the trails of our National Parks in Victoria, and please help maintain their features and natural beauty by making sure your party leaves nothing you brought into the park behind, and that you don't take anything but photographs and happy memories away.