The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk Delivers Both Power And Efficiency

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The breathtakingly beautiful Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk edition combines elegant styling with outstanding performance on the road and on the trail. Its Pentastar 3.2-litre petrol engine puts out enough power to tow more than two tonnes, and climb the most challenging inclines. No matter where you're driving, you'll appreciate helpful features like the ParkView rear-facing camera that displays the view behind your vehicle on an 8.4-inch display, and overlays guide lines that show you the path you'll travel with your current steering input; it's as useful on the trail as it is in an urban carpark. Active Head Restraints help prevent neck injuries in a collision, while all-speed Traction Control (TCS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) help prevent accidents from happening in the first place. The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk also manages a seamless transition from fuel-efficient driving in normal conditions to optimised, powerful response when it's called for.

•    Variable Valve Timing – The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk's Pentastar engine uses Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to adjust the balance between efficiency and output. When the engine is cruising along easily, the valves operate normally, and their timing is optimised for fuel economy. When you place greater demand on the engine by accelerating suddenly or when you're towing, or need to get un-stuck from the mud, the valves re-adjust to wring every calorie of energy out of the piston cycle; later intake through the valves produces more usable power, though less efficient use of fuel.

•    Active Drive I 4X4 – The Active Drive I 4X4 system is another part of the Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk's balancing act. When the going is easy, the system diverts power from the rear axle for more fuel efficient operation, and when it's under greater demand or there is a traction issue, it re-balances the power output between axles to give you best control and power.

•    Selec-Terrain – The Selec-Terrain drive mode selector coordinates the vehicle's TCS, transmission, 4X4, suspension and steering characteristics, and accelerator response to give you performance that is customised for the driving conditions you specify. In Auto mode, you get easy handling, comfortable ride, and best fuel economy. In Mud/Sand and Snow modes, you'll get the power you need to get moving forward, and the finesse you need to maintain control.

Optimised Performance For Every Drive

The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk is designed to fine-tune its output, handling, and fuel economy for every moment of every drive. Drivers are no longer forced to choose between driving a tank of an off-roader on a daily basis, or trying to take a comfortable daily driver with only marginal trail capabilities off-road. Come drive the limited edition Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk at your local dealership before they're all gone.