The 2017 Jeep Compass Limited With Freedom Drive I 4WD

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The all-new Jeep Compass Limited is outfitted with a full complement of luxurious features for you and your family to enjoy, whether you're off to work, driving the kids to cricket practice, or taking off on a family road trip. From the premium Uconnect Multimedia system with satellite navigation, Bluetooth and Voice Command, and a nine-speaker Boston Acoustics sound system to the butter-soft, perforated leather seats and automatic climate control, the 2017 Compass Limited is built for a comfortable and pleasant drive experience.

•    Freedom Drive I 4WD – To help you drive safely in foul weather, muddy or icy conditions, or that sand-covered road on the way to your favourite beach, the 2017 Compass Limited is equipped with Freedom Drive I 4-Wheel Drive. Under normal driving conditions, the system transfers minimal torque to the rear axle, to improve fuel economy, but when you need extra traction, the system automatically sends more power to the rear axle to provide it.

•    Selectable 4WD Lock – When you need low-speed power, and you need to prevent the system from automatically vectoring power away from the rear axle, the 4WD Lock selection lets you stay in 4WD until you're ready to resume normal driving. This is especially helpful on uneven surfaces, or if you need to pull a trailer up a steep driveway, for example.

•    CVT2 With AutoStick – The transmission in the 2017 Compass Limited is a Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT2), which provides smooth torque transfer from the engine at all times. Because the CVT2 doesn't use actual gears, you won't experience any lurching or shift-lag when you accelerate assertively, and there is no gear-hunting when you're driving up a steep incline. The AutoStick feature uses presets that emulate gears to allow you to shift and override the automatic adjustments. When you want to accelerate quickly to highway speed, the AutoStick feature allows you to choose performance over fuel efficiency until you reach cruising speed and let the CVT2 resume normal operation.

Added Adventure With Freedom Drive I In The 2017 Compass Limited

If your family's active lifestyle takes you on adventures where the added traction and performance of 4-wheel drive would be helpful, the all-new Jeep Compass Limited is a smart choice. Visit your local Jeep dealership for a test drive and demonstration of the capable and luxurious 2017 Compass Limited.