Jeep Grand Cherokee Accessories For Camping And Touring

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When you take your Jeep Grand Cherokee camping or touring, chances are you'll be bringing the whole family, the dog, and lots of camping gear and baggage. To help you organise your cargo and passengers so that everyone rides in comfort, we offer a line of Jeep Grand Cherokee accessories for touring, camping, and all the other outings your active family makes.

•    Moulded Cargo Tray – The moulded cargo tray covers the carpet in your Grand Cherokee's cargo area and features a raised perimeter lip, which helps prevent any spilled liquids or wet gear from damaging the carpet beneath. The non-skid surface helps keep your cargo from sliding around in transit, or help your dog ride more comfortably on a grippy surface.

•    Roof Racks –
There is a wide selection of general-use and specialised roof racks available for your Grand Cherokee. Carry bicycles; a canoe, kayak, sailboard, or surfboard; skis or a snowboard, without damage to your vehicle or your gear.

•    Roof Box – When you need extra carrying capacity, the roof box accessory for the Jeep Grand Cherokee mounts quickly and easily, and the durable shell keeps your cargo dry and protected. The lockable roof box features gas cylinder opening, for convenience and safety.

•    Cargo Barrier – If your dog will be riding in the cargo space, the cargo barrier accessory will keep him safely in his own space instead of leaping over the rear seats to visit the children, spill their drinks, and eat their snacks. The adjustable, low-glare black steel barrier is strong enough to keep even the most determined dog in place, and installation is easy, since the barrier is custom-fitted for the grand Cherokee's cargo area.

Grand Cherokee Touring Accessories For Comfort And Convenience

Family trips are a pleasure in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Accessories made specifically for your Grand Cherokee make it easier to fit everyone and everything, and help maintain the peace along the way. Check out the current range of Grand Cherokees and imagine where you and your family will go together!