Included Comfort and Convenience Group Features On The Jeep Cherokee Longitude

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The Jeep Cherokee Longitude is powered by a 3.2-litre, six-cylinder Pentastar petrol engine coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission for smooth and precise shifting. The Active Drive I AWD system gives you sure-footed performance whether you're driving in mud, sand, snow, or rain, and a brake lock differential helps you overcome every obstacle. The Cherokee Longitude is also loaded with luxury features like the dual-zone climate control system with humidity sensors to help keep the windows from fogging and a Uconnect multimedia system with Bluetooth and Voice Command to keep you up to date and entertained with hands-free convenience. The Cherokee Longitude also includes the Comfort and Convenience Group features as standard equipment.

•    Automatic Headlamps: The automatic headlamps turn on when the sensors detect that it's dusk, that you've driven into a dark place like a tunnel, or when the windscreen wipers are activated.

•    Power 4-Way Lumbar Adjustment: Both front seats in the Cherokee Longitude are power-adjustable and feature four-way power lumbar adjustment for perfect comfort and lower back support to keep you comfortable on every drive.

•    Power Liftgate: Activate the powered liftgate with your remote or by using the touchpad on the exterior of the liftgate, and you won't have to juggle whatever you were carrying while trying to free a hand. Once you're loaded or unloaded, click the liftgate shut or use the button located inside the sill, and you're ready to be on your way.

•    Rain-Sensitive Wipers: When the wiper system in the Cherokee Longitude detects moisture on the windscreen, the wipers start automatically and adjust as needed to keep your view as clear as possible. Once the rain has stopped, so will the wipers.

•    Auto-Dimming Mirror: The rear-view mirror detects when the ambient lighting reaches its threshold for day or night adjustment, then switches automatically to give you comfortable, safe viewing. If the mirror senses a bright light source behind your vehicle, it will automatically dim to prevent you from being temporarily blinded.

•    Remote Start: Remote start is a brilliant feature in many circumstances, including having your Cherokee Longitude's cabin warmed up or cooled down to a comfortable temperature when you get in. The vehicle is locked before you remotely start it, so you won't need to worry about theft.

Added Comfort and Convenience In The Jeep Cherokee Longitude

The Cherokee Longitude comes standard with added luxury features to give you the most comfortable and convenient drive experience possible. Visit your local Jeep dealership for a test drive and demonstration of everything the Cherokee Longitude has in store.