Surround Yourself In Safety In A Jeep Cherokee Longitude

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The sleek, intrepid Jeep Cherokee Longitude delivers rugged performance on the trail, and a comfortable, fuel-efficient ride on town, thanks to its 3.2-litre Pentastar engine, Active Drive I All-Wheel Drive, and Selec-Terrain driving mode selector. You get fine-tuned performance for the conditions you select, so you have all the power you need while staying in complete control, even on ice and snow, mud, or sand. The Jeep Cherokee Longitude is also loaded with features designed to keep everyone comfortable along the way, from the Uconnect infotainment system with Bluetooth and Voice Command o the dual-zone climate control with rear-seat ducts. You and your passengers can enjoy it all, surrounded in safety.

•    Active Head Restraints – The driver's seat and front passenger seat in the Jeep Cherokee Longitude are equipped with Active Head Restraints, which prevent whiplash injuries by reaching up and forward to cradle the head of the seat occupant in case of a crash.

•    Advanced Airbags – The advanced airbag system in the Jeep Cherokee Longitude is comprised of 7 airbags, including a knee bag for the driver and two full length side curtains. Advanced airbags deploy with a measured response, depending on the severity of the impact, in order to prevent injuries caused by an airbag deployment that was too forceful.

•    All-Speed TCS – All-speed Traction Control (TCS) continually monitors each wheel, and immediately detects when one is beginning to lose traction. By re-routing power from the slipping wheel and a little extra power to the wheels that still have traction, TCS brings the vehicle back under full control, often before you fully realise that there was a problem. For extra assistance on slippery surfaces, this TCS system works even when you're starting forward from a full stop.

•    ParkView/ParkSense – The Jeep Cherokee Longitude comes standard with both the ParkSense rear-sensing alert system, and a ParkView rear-facing camera. When you shift into Reverse, ParkSense will give an audible alert if there is any obstacle behind the vehcle, and if something crosses your path as you back up. ParkView uses the 5-inch display of the Uconnect system to display the view behind the vehicle and guideline which indicate the path you'll travel with your current steering input.

Drive In Safety

The Jeep Cherokee Longitude makes every drive a pleasure, and knowing how many premium safety features are at work to keep you and your passengers safe offers serious peace of mind. Visit your local Jeep dealership for a test drive and demonstration of the many premium safety features on the Jeep Cherokee Longitude.