Skip The Valet In Your Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk

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The sleek and stylish Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk edition is dressed in gleaming black exclusive trim, and upgraded 18-inch wheels for a look that will draw admiration wherever you go. On the road, and off, the Cherokee Blackhawk gives optimised performance for any type of driving conditions: comfort and fuel efficiency for normal driving, and plenty of muscle and traction for those gleeful days of slogging through the mud. When you're in town, the helpful parking assistance features of the Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk may have you skipping the valet stand, so you can enjoy parking it yourself.

•    ParkSense – ParkSense uses sensors on the rear bumper to give you an audible alert to any stationary obstacles behind your vehicle, or if a pedestrian, bicyclist, or animal crosses your path while you're backing up.

•    ParkView – The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk also comes standard with a ParkView rear-facing camera. When you shift into Reverse, the camera uses the 8.4-Inch Uconnect display to show you the view from your rear bumper, and it shows you the path you'll travel as you back up, using your current steering input.

•    Electric Parking Brake – When you have to park on an incline, you'll appreciate the ease of engaging and disengaging the Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk's electric parking brake. More importantly, you'll love the confidence of knowing it's properly engaged every time; no more worries over whether or not you've yanked the brake lever hard enough to hold the vehicle!

•    Smart Side Mirrors – The fold-in side mirrors on the Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk feature supplemental turn signal indicators, so other drivers can see more easily when you're making a move, and courtesy lights that are activated when you click the vehicle open with the remote, or when you turn it off, so you can walk to or from your vehicle in safety.

When Was The Last Time You Enjoyed Parking Your Vehicle?

Typically, parking is one of those tedious things we're all resigned to doing, because we haven't got much choice. The Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk's parking assistance features help you to back up with confidence, and park so easily, you may find yourself actually enjoying the experience. Visit your local Jeep dealer for a demonstration and test drive of the limited edition Jeep Cherokee Blackhawk.