Precision-Balanced Power And Efficiency Are Yours In The Jeep Cherokee Longitude

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The stylish and sleek Jeep Cherokee Longitude is packed with upscale features for your comfort and convenience on every drive. From the dual-zone climate control system to the Uconnect infotainment system with Bluetooth and Voice Command, you and your passengers will find plenty of reasons to smile with contentment. Underneath the beauty and luxury, the Jeep Cherokee Longitude combines state-of-the-art technology for ideal handling and power output, no matter what type of driving you need to do next.

•    Variable Valve Timing – The 3.2-litre Pentastar engine in the Jeep Cherokee Longitude uses Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to automatically adjust the engine output for what you most need at the moment. Simply put, when driving is easy and you're not placing a lot of demand on the engine, the fuel intake valves open a bit earlier, so the engine can make most efficient use of the fuel. When the engine is under load, like when you accelerate hard, or you're driving up a steep incline or pulling a heavy load, the intake valves open a bit later, which allows the engine to pump out more "bang" for every piston cycle: More power, less fuel efficient. Because the VVT is continually adjusting, you get prompt response when you need more power, and quickly return to maximum efficiency when the demand is over.

•    Active Drive I AWD – The All-Wheel Drive system in your Jeep Cherokee Longitude also actively balances between fuel efficiency and powerful output. When you're cruising along easily, it cuts power to the rear axle, so you get better fuel economy, and when you demand more power or you need better traction, the rear wheels are back to full power in an instant.

•    Selec-Terrain – The Selec-Terrain drive mode selector fine-tunes the Jeep Cherokee Longitude's handling and output, so you have the power and finesse you need to pull out of a muddy mess, or start moving forward on snow or ice, while maintaining full traction and control.

Perfect Performance For Every Situation

Enjoy the intelligent engineering of the Jeep Cherokee Longitude as it delivers the best of both worlds: Massive power and disciplined fuel efficiency. We invite you to visit your local dealer for a test drive and demonstration of Jeep Cherokee Longitude.