Jeep Renegade X Ambassadors TV Ad Honours The Individual

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Jeep Renegade X Ambassadors TV Ad honours a new generation of renegades.

NY based alternative band X Ambassadors rocked the video scene with their new single “Renegade.” They teamed up with Jeep to create the Jeep Renegade X Ambassadors TV Ad. Check it out here.  

 A Renegade Deserves To Drive A Renegade  
You’re not a run of the mill, cookie cutter person, are you? We didn’t think so. You’re a free thinker, a maverick, and a renegade. You don’t want to affect the change in the world; you want to be the change in the world. You take road trips, you explore, you have adventures; you ride the wave of revolution. There are two things you need for that adventure, a car and a soundtrack. We’ve got you covered.  

A Song And A Vehicle Made For Someone Like You, A Renegade
Jeep Renegade X Ambassadors TV Ad follows people just like you, people venturing out into the world, making a difference and having adventures. That’s what the X Ambassadors song “Renegade” is all about and that’s what the Renegade vehicle is all about, too. It’s the call to explore and better your world.  

A Vehicle Made For 21st Century Adventures
Some call you Millennials, but you are the pioneers of a new generation. Just like the 2015 Renegade, you are forged from the old, but you’re something new, something different, and something better. The Jeep Renegade TV ad, featuring X Ambassadors, shows people just like you fulfilling your dreams, and breaking a few rules along the way. Some rules need to be broken to make room for progress, and, that’s a renegade’s job, right? So jump in your Jeep Renegade and get to it!  

X Ambassadors Provides The Soundtrack
Every road trip, every adventure needs its own soundtrack and what better way to kick off a renegade trip than in a Renegade small SUV with a song called “Renegades”? X Ambassadors' third album “VHS”, featuring their biggest hit single to date, “Renegades”, is perfect road trip music, day trip music or even stay-cation music. It’s one of many mixes and albums you can upload into your Renegade’s Uconnect infotainment system, so there’s always music to fuel your adventures. All you have to do is hop into the car and go.   With a Jeep Renegade, your next adventure starts now. In the song Renegade, lead singer Sam Harris sings, “Go forth and have no fear.” These are not just lyrics, they’re words to live by.   Learn more about why Jeep Renegades were made for renegades like you. Contact for more information or to schedule a test drive.