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The Jeep Cherokee Makes Parking Easy And Safe

The sleek, beautiful Jeep Cherokee Longitude is dressed in contemporary style that's likely to turn heads wherever you go. In town, it delivers smooth handling, a comfortable ride, and fuel efficient performance for daily driving. On the trail, it shows its heritage as a rugged and robust off-roader, thanks to its 3.2-litre V-6 engine, Active Drive I All-Wheel Drive, and Selec-Terrain drive mode selection. When you need muscle to get up a steep incline or out of a muddy mess, it delivers. Features like a powered liftgate, automatic climate control, and Uconnect infotainment make every drive more enjoyable and convenient. The Jeep Cherokee Longitude even makes parking easier and safer with its standard technological solutions.

•    ParkSense – The Jeep Cherokee Longitude includes the ParkSense rear cross-path detection system. When you shift into Reverse, ParkSense scans the area behind your vehicle for stationary obstacles and gives you audible alerts when they're too close. It also continues scanning as you back up and alerts you in case someone crosses into the path you're traveling.

•    ParkView – The ParkView rear-facing camera is also activated by shifting into Reverse, and it displays the view from your rear bumper on the Uconnect system's 5-inch display. In addition to the real-time view of the area behind you, ParkView shows guideline indicating that path you'll travel as you back up, which updates as you change steering input.

•    Electric Parking Brake – When you park on an incline, the electric parking brake feature makes things much easier because it's easier to engage and disengage than a mechanical parking brake. It also gives you reassurance that your vehicle will stay put, because electric parking brakes full engage every time; brake engagement is no longer a function of how hard you can yank the level!

•    Smart Side Mirrors – The Jeep Cherokee Longitude has side mirrors with supplemental turn signal indicators, which makes it easier for other drivers to see when you're going to be pulling into a carpark, parking slot, or parallel parking space on the street.

You Might Even Enjoy Parking Your Jeep Cherokee Longitude

Usually, parking is one of those minor annoyances we must all tolerate. The Jeep Cherokee Longitude's brilliant set of features helps you back up safely and confidently, and park more easily; you might actually find yourself enjoying the experience. Visit your local Jeep dealer for a demonstration and test drive.

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